Your best defense.

Keep users working during any outage.

Welcome to HAVEN, the RBRO business continuity solution. HAVEN is a cloud service that provides rapid access to iManage content in the case of a significant event that prevents users from accessing their Work product through normal means.

With HAVEN, users can keep working while leaving IT resources with the freedom to focus on quickly restoring normal access.


    Rapid Access to DMS Content

    • The realities of disasters are uncontrollable. The immense responsibility to keep users working during access disruption requires a reliable solution. Prepare for the unexpected with the solution that ensures iManage users have uninterrupted access to business-critical content when access to iManage is interrupted due to crisis situations.

      • Abundant data storage with an average of 8GB per user with a shared pool adjustable based on usage (overages calculated against the firm’s total rather than individual users)
      • Optimized usage of storage
      • Secure storage in a cloud environment

    Haven Key Features

      • Dual Factor Authentication to ensure only relevant users have access
      • Retrieve and store user-related data from iManage at regular intervals
      • Facility to download the documents stored in HAVEN (immediate access)
      • Validation for HAVEN environment for QC
      • Enable and disable HAVEN: Switch over to HAVEN and back to iManage
      • Purge dormant content for optimized use of storage
      • Direct control over HAVEN administration
      • Auto scalability: Facilitate rapid access for thousands of users upon switch-over

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. Your HAVEN administrator can define which users are part of the test team. HAVEN can be activated in test-only mode, which functions similarly to full activation but with notifications and availability limited to the selected users.

    HAVEN sends alert notifications either via email or SMS with clear instructions for users to follow.

    Yes. RBRO currently has data centres in multiple regions. New data centres can be quickly brought online as required.

    Yes. Data is encrypted at rest using Azure encryption. Data is encrypted in transit using SSL/TLS 1.2 certificates at 256bit.

    HAVEN adheres to CIS Benchmark standards: ISO27001 and SOCS2.

    Yes, this can be achieved through Azure's Hybrid Connection manager which uses industry-standard web sockets.

    We do not anticipate any performance impact from regular use of HAVEN. As a precaution, your HAVEN administrators will have the ability to terminate any synchronization process currently in place. It is possible for HAVEN synchronization.