A huge shift in attitudes about legal technology solutions is emerging. Are you ready to work in an open, digitally connected world?


Corporate and IT leaders are prioritizing their organization’s digital transformation and adoption roadmaps.

As mature technology sectors outperform lower-maturity equals, a McKinsey study sees a similar pattern among digitally mature businesses.

Deloitte Insights article determined that higher-maturity organizations are three times more likely than digital stragglers to report increases in annual net revenue and profit margins.

Many of these insights are seen across all types of industries and businesses. The Covid-19 pandemic, not surprisingly, has much to do with advancement as it continues to broaden pre-pandemic gaps between digitally progressive industries and ones less inclined to move forward.

One key piece of the technology puzzle and specifically essential for the legal industry is document management software (DMS). DMS is the digital management of legal documents that complies with industry standards. Add cloud migration to the conversation and you’ll quickly see how important it is to your legal firm or corporate legal department.

Your IT resources can be better applied to higher-value work while legal folks take advantage of time and money-saving tools and improved user adoption.

It’s an exciting time for change, especially in legal. So buckle up and get ready for a thrilling ride.


Understand Your Needs and the Importance of Document Management Software

Like many legal matters (cases, deal making, business development, risk management, regulatory governance), integrating technology as part of your legal ecosystem may not always seem simple or painless. Regardless of how advanced we are today in so many aspects of life, a digital shift within the legal industry seems a bit too leisurely.

Your data and content, managed in a secure and compliant manner while addressing strict and confidential concerns, needs to be efficiently controlled. This is where legal software development, namely a cloud-based legal document management software (DMS), fits in. DMS is proving to make life much easier for any legal professional regardless of law firm or corporate legal team size.

With a world-class legal DMS solution, you and your legal team will be able to function in a more ideal stage. With your documents digitized, you’ll discover how empowering a DMS can be, taking full advantage of systematizing, managing, and expediting processes.

Reasons a DMS is essential for your legal services:

  • Enables enhanced legal matters management, including search and retrieval, of all documents.
  • Documents are stored electronically in a centralized platform and accessible via the cloud or on-premise.
  • Working in shared workspace eases numerous challenges and provides better collaboration, sharing, version control and syncing of documents.
  • Security measures keep your documents safe and accessible only by those with the proper clearance and access level.


Look for a Solid Commitment to Customer Service Excellence

Being knowledgeable and having a clear understanding of technology’s value for your legal firm or corporate legal department is essential when choosing a legal technology partner. (We say partner instead of “seller” or “vendor” because that’s how you should consider them.)

A respectable technology partner should be wholeheartedly committed to providing knowledge, experience, support, and customer care beyond the initial sales transaction.

Your legal technology partner, one that’s complementary to your business model, should:

  • Provide flexible, ongoing support during the term of the agreement.
  • Communicate potential bugs when they arise and share solutions.
  • Be proactive in communicating updates or patches when available.
  • Deliver expert guidance for other technologies you may have (legacy systems) and how best to utilize those, if possible, with your newer, more advanced software.
  • Execute implementations with the personnel necessary to ensure minimal disruption to your organization.

These shouldn’t sound new or impossible to achieve, but the inability to meet your expectations can have terrible repercussions for both your legal services and the technology provider.


Why You Need to Invest Now

Waiting, or procrastinating, when it comes to investing in the right technology solutions for your legal firm or corporate legal department could leave you well behind your competition. These solutions are reshaping the 21st century legal sector, and are quickly becoming commonplace. By not implementing these solutions now will reduce your competitive edge and your ability to better serve clients.

Simply put, don’t wait to get legal technology working for you.

  • Improve the client experience.
  • Add a competitive edge to your services.
  • The benefits of technology investment will outweigh the costs.


There’s a huge shift in attitudes about how legal technology is advancing. And there’s a better understanding of how tech is providing law firms and corporate legal departments the means necessary to efficiently manage clients and remain competitive. The digital legal professional is now the emerging talent. Get accustomed to working in a digitally open world, the new norm, and discover the benefits to your legal services.

  • How are you managing your documents?
  • When inundated with copious amounts of paperwork, how does that impact your offerings and clients?
  • What are the challenges when manually dealing with documents?

Let’s continue the conversation, so we can understand how best to help you with your legal DMS.

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