Save time and eliminate risk through tight integration of your applications into iManage Work

Maximize the benefits of your iManage DMS with powerful tools from RBRO Solutions.

Link2DMS integrates popular, non-integrated applications with iManage Work regardless of file type. Files from litigation software, patent forms, court documents, online forms and even images and graphics from non-integrated file types save, open, e-file and convert to PDF quickly and easily within iManage Work.

    Link2DMS is a must-have for every iManage user.

    • Increase productivity with fewer steps to upload/download
    • Increase security
    • Improve adoption
    • Eliminate content stored on shared drive

      Increase efficiency and adoption of iManage by extending the reach of your DMS.

      With Link2DMS, local application dialog such as Open, Save, Upload and Download can be defaulted to your own iManage dialog so that any content coming from or going to iManage Work can be moved directly without the need to first manually store it somewhere on the local machine.

      • Integrate web-pages and virtually any application with iManage Work

      • Maintain security with no  manual export of iManage Work documents before uploading to web-pages

      • Support compliance and mitigate risk with direct access to iManage content

      • Increase productivity with fewer steps to upload/download files

      • Easy of use – with no additional training needed

        Uniquely qualified to support all your iManage-related needs.

        RBRO Solutions is a premier iManage partner supporting clients and other iManage partners with a full suite of products and services, from consulting, planning and design, to implementation, training and a host of on-demand and specialized solutions. And, with over 30 of our own intelligent software solutions that add power to iManage Work, we are unrivaled in ensuring our clients get the maximum benefit from their iManage investment.