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iManage is the leading provider of work product management solutions for law firms, corporate legal departments, and other professional services firms such as accounting and financial services.

As a trusted and valued partner of iManage, RBRO brings the credibility of a seasoned organization that has consistently delivered excellence to all aspects of our partnership. RBRO is an iManage Reseller, Integration Partner, Technology Partner and Training Partner for iManage. This extensive partnership makes RBRO uniquely qualified to provide for all of our customers’ iManage related needs. It also demonstrates to our customers that we have the ability to meet the challenges and opportunities that are before them, head on! Through our training and strategic services offerings, we help our clients to make great decisions and support them through the process of implementing the iManage solutions. Our products are best in their class and enable our customers to decrease their overall cost of ownership by empowering users, simplifying many tasks and reducing the need for external services.

RBRO & iManage

Since 2003, RBRO has provided our clients with valuable insights, enabling them to maximize the value realized from their iManage investment. The knowledge gained from RBRO's deep consulting experience has also positioned us to offer relevant functionality that enhances the iManage experience. We empower business users and administrators.

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