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Effective Knowledge Management

Your business users need the flexibility to perform their work from anywhere at anytime. This demands secure interaction with critical content in an environment that allows users to create, share, collaborate and manage access. Cloud technology is helping organizations with globalization requirements, cost containment, operational agility and infrastructure modernization.

This RBRO webinar series demystifies the preparation, go-live and transition stages of a successful iManage Cloud migration.


    Improve Your Compliance and Service with Video Signing and a Next Generation eSignature Solution

    Presented: April 11, 2022
    Improve your remote signature compliance and client service to give your organization a competitive edge without leaving iManage.

    • RBRO Solutions partners with Syngrafii to deliver Syngrafii iManage Link, a seamless, cloud-based integration of a remote online notarization product suite into the iManage platform.

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      • Improve document audit trail.
      • Facilitate faster execution of documents.
      • Go paperless and simplify activities.
      • Reduce regulatory risks.
      • And so much more!

    Business Process Improvement for iManage Work

    Presented: December 9, 2020
    Learn how to transform your iManage document management system into a turnkey business process solution.

    • RBRO partners with World-Tech President Bruce Karlson in an informative presentation discussing effective options to maximize your iManage investment by enabling automated contract management, compliance management, and matter management.

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      • Contract Management
      • Compliance Management
      • E Signature Management
      • Matter Management
      • And more

    iManage Migration: Ask the Experts

    Presented: June 24, 2020
    iManage ConnectLive 2020

    • RBRO CEO, Howard Russell shares some of the key ingredients to a successfully migration in an insightful Ask the Experts session presented at the ConnectLive 2020 Virtual event. Hear how RBRO’s strong collaborative approach blends customer internal knowledge and strengths with the expertise RBRO has developed from over 17 years of delivering solutions that work.

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      • Know your data
      • Error management
      • Managing expectations
      • Direct to cloud vs staged on premises migrations
      • Flexibility and complex processes
      • And more

    Fastest and Least Disruptive Route to the iManage Cloud

    Presented: May 7, 2020
    Highlights of the successful initial migration with virtually zero downtime and no end-user issues with the data.

    • RBRO Solutions and the world’s largest law firm have been working together on an extended project to consolidate and migrate Baker McKenzie’s 70+ libraries to the iManage Cloud. Hear Brad Ledsinger, Portfolio Manager, Document Management at Baker McKenzie and Howard Russell, CEO at RBRO Solutions discuss how to move from eDOCS to iManage. Watch the on-demand webinar

      • Benefits of the cloud; flexibility, operational cost benefits, efficiencies and strategic advantages
      • The cloud migration process, challenges and solutions
      • Security concerns
      • Cloud readiness analysis
      • Ensuring migration is seamless to end-users

    Cloud Migration: Top 5 Imperatives

    Presented: June 18, 2020
    ILTA Sponsored Webinar

    • When planning a move to the cloud, it’s essential to know your data. A successful migration is the result of careful planning and effective pre-flight checks to uncover potential hazards. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls to achieve an on-time, on-budget cloud migration.

      In this webinar, we will demystify the preparation process with actual case studies.

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      • Old libraries equal old problems: pre-flight checks to expose bad data early in the project
      • Third-party integrations: compatibility that doesn’t always translate
      • Managing expectations
      • Security model impacts
      • Custom integration and reporting
      • Pre-flight checklist
      • And more

    Critical Path to the iManage Cloud

    Presented: April 23, 2020

    • The process to go-live on the cloud requires a tailored migration plan and takes into consideration compliance, security and user adoption. This webinar takes you through a move to the cloud and prepares you for the unexpected.

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      • Demystifying the cloud migration process
      • Planning an effective roll-out
      • Benefits of being proactive
      • Case study
      • Do it the right way
        — The right solution
        — Best practices
        — Rigorous testing
        — On time and on budget