What's it like to work at RBRO?

Check out the different ways we help support your work/life balance!

Vacation: You work hard, take a break to be with family and friends. You will start earning three weeks of vacation in your first year!

Health care: When you work hard and play hard, it's important to stay healthy. We got you covered by providing health, dental, vision, life insurance; up to 100% paid by us! Don't worry, we've also got your back for disability… just in case.

Caffeine: We'll keep you fueled all day long with our complimentary coffee and tea.

Celebrations: We all like to celebrate… birthdays, marriages, babies and RBRO anniversaries.

Long weekends: Get a head start to the cottage, golfing, skiing or just spending time with friends and family. Whatever you plan to do… we leave early before each long weekend.

Summer time: Whatever time zone you work in, we all love the summer. We work condensed work weeks in July and August so we have extra time to sit on a patio, head up north or just hang out in the warmer weather.

Company events:We like to enjoy the hot summer days with our annual party whether it’s playing beach volleyball, soccer, golf or enjoying a bbq. We also like to celebrate the seasonal holidays; partaking in various festivities!

Employee awards: We have some awesome people working for us. Your peers and management vote annually who the top performers are and provide you with a financial reward to say congrats!

Keeping you in the know: We make sure you know what’s going on and how we are progressing with our corporate objectives and strategic vision at our global quarterly town halls. During those meetings, we also give you ‘spot’ awards, “Cause for Applause” and gift cards for those giving it their all!

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