Syngrafii iManage Link

Improve your remote signature compliance and client service to give your organization a competitive advantage.

What is Syngrafii iManage Link?

Syngrafii iManage Link is a seamless, cloud-based integration of Syngrafii’s iinked Sign™, Video Signing Room™ (VSR™) and iinked Seal™ (remote online notarization) product suite into the iManage platform.

With Syngrafii’s iinked Sign™ and Video Signing Room™ integrated video signing capabilities embedded as an iManage Universal App within the iManage experience, users can easily create, view, and monitor the status of documents in signing packages. By having everything in one place, continuous workflows are enabled without the need for context switching.

Discover more about the integration:
RBRO Solutions to Integrate Syngrafii eSignature and Video Signing Room into iManage Platform.

    The adoption of electronic signatures and video signing are rapidly spreading across the legal industry.

    How does Syngrafii iManage Link work?

    Syngrafii iManage Link provides a two-way flow of documents between Syngrafii signing packages and iManage Workspaces.

    Users can create new signing packages directly from Workspaces using iManage Work 10 Web UI, or view previously created signing packages associated with those workspaces.

    Users can review the status of the associated signing packages, or amend (add additional documents or update those previously added). For documents identified as those to add to a signing package, a similar process flow can be triggered directly from the document context menu itself.

    Documents can be automatically synchronized back to iManage as a new version or related document (the audit history is automatically synchronized back to iManage for completed full packages).

    Master records are stored within the workspace associated with the signing package. iManage Work can continue to be the primary document repository for all content, while leveraging the Syngrafii's signing and auditing capabilities.

      As confidence grows, the legal industry is primed to capitalize on the diverse range of benefits cloud-based digital and video signature solutions provide.

      Why make the switch to Syngrafii iinked Sign Platform?

      With Syngrafii iManage Link, the legal integrity of your critical documents is managed by a single, secure solution.

      • The Syngrafii iManage Link improves the workflow between the two platforms, improving time management and the integrity of the document flow.
      • Syngrafii’s next generation of remote signing iinked Sign™ and Video Signing Room™ improve compliance and customer service.
      • Syngrafii’s iinked Sign™ captures the biometrics of signing, controls over proxy signatures and a robust Audit MasterFile for higher level of non-repudiation and Identity Confirmation.
      • Video Signing Room™ offers a proprietary integrated video signing platform and iinked Seal for remote online notarization, all on one platform.
      • Pay-As-You-Sign™ and free API connections offer better control and allocation of e-signature costs.

        Legal professionals need to consider adopting technology as an opportunistic approach to embrace rapid change and disruption, and move to becoming a digital-friendly, forward thinking organization.


        Improve Your Compliance and Service with Video Signing and a Next Generation eSignature Solution

        Empower your organization with an innovative digital signing platform without compromising efficiency, quality, and security.

        • Improve the document audit trail.
        • Faciliate faster execution of documents.
        • Go paperless and simplify activities.
        • Reduce regulatory risks.
        • Protect your data.
        • Streamline processes.
        • Reduce operating costs.
        • Enhance communications.

        Leverage Syngrafii iManage Link and break out of your organization's dated legacy mindset.

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