Corporate Legal

Streamline the flow of critical company information with in-house legal document management.

Corporate Legal Departments

Streamline the flow of critical company information with in-house legal document management.

With the wide range of documents that legal professionals encounter every day, corporate legal departments face many challenges associated with storing and sharing files across the entire organization. An intuitive in-house legal document management system is necessary to save money and increase efficiency and collaboration.

Corporate legal departments need innovative ways to improve productivity, streamline management and collaboration with external counsel, automate processes, reuse knowledge, and better govern sensitive corporate work product. A comprehensive legal information management solution that can do more than just manage internal documents is required.

iManage’s award-winning DMS software, that can be enhanced with RBRO’s proprietary solutions, has helped today’s leading legal departments streamline business practices, increase productivity and adhere to privacy regulations.

As a premiere iManage partner, RBRO brings the credibility of a seasoned organization that has consistently delivered excellence to all aspects of our partnership. RBRO is a Certified Global iManage Partner which encompasses RBRO as an iManage Reseller, Integration Partner, Technology Partner and Training Partner for iManage. This extensive partnership makes RBRO uniquely qualified to provide for all of our customers’ iManage-related needs. It also demonstrates to our customers that we have the ability to meet the challenges and opportunities that are before them—head on! Through our training and strategic services offerings, we help our clients to make great decisions and support them through the process of implementing the iManage solutions.

Here’s how iManage helps corporate legal departments around the world:

  • Improve professional productivity at all levels of the organization by managing client content and communication in integrated electronic matter files

  • Improve quality of service to clients by providing online collaborative workspaces for sharing and firm knowledge

  • Gain new insights with AI-powered comprehensive search and knowledge management capabilities

  • Improve governance and security over critical work product without imposing additional work on busy lawyers

  • Increase overall workplace efficiency by automating routine tasks and locating expertise and key data trends with ease

  • Improve client satisfaction and response time with on-the-go mobile information access

RBRO Solutions is a Certified iManage Partner and reseller of iManage Work and its related iManage products. We are iManage experts; our team is comprised of Certified iManage System Engineers, Certified iManage Trainers and Certified iManage RAVN (AI) Engineers. We can guide you in the research, purchase, consulting, implementation, and ongoing support and training requirements for your iManage Work document management system—on-premises or in the cloud. And RBRO’s suite of proprietary add-on products will help extend the power of your iManage solution, to ensure you get the most out of your iManage investment.