iManage Cloud

RBRO and iManage — Delivering on the Promise of the Cloud

Legal, accounting, and other professional firms looking to the cloud for cost savings, scalability, and better application performance are looking to RBRO Solutions and iManage Cloud.

iManage Cloud delivers the industry’s leading Work Product Management capabilities with scalable, reliable performance and features specifically designed for professionals. The iManage Cloud is purpose-built to provide elastic compute, storage and uninterrupted services engineered around a continuous, automated delivery model.

Performance. Scalability. Security — The benefits of iManage Cloud.

A complete work product management solution

iManage Cloud is a fully integrated document and email management that provides secure file collaboration, knowledge management, and information governance – all from a single vendor.

Scale and simplicity

The iManage solution combines petabyte scale and powerful search capabilities with a single user experience across mobile, tablets and desktops.

World-class security and data protection

iManage utilizes a comprehensive security infrastructure that includes around-the-clock monitoring, physical security, and full data encryption. iManage also complies with audit, data privacy and security standards including ISO 27001 Security Standard, HIPAA and EU Data Privacy obligations. By applying advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, iManage also protects client data against a range of sophisticated security threats.

Ease of management

Simplify administration, reporting, and compliance by managing and monitoring your iManage deployments from anywhere — using powerful tools from a single, responsive interface.

Global reach, local customization

iManage Cloud is currently available within the US, the EU, Asia-Pac and South America, with additional countries coming online to address and expedite data sovereignty requirements.

All the flexibility you need

While the iManage Work Product Management solution is available as a complete cloud service, a portion of your data may also be stored on-premise if dictated by data sovereignty or organizational policy. This capability provides iManage customers with complete flexibility in determining how best to deploy cloud services based on their specific requirements.

Fast and easy cloud migration

Existing iManage premise-based customers experience a swift, seamless transition to the iManage cloud. By choosing to migrate by office or practice area, clients can minimize disruption and optimize existing infrastructure and resources. Customers may continue to use current tools and software interfaces, will no loss of productivity or retraining required.

New iManage customers moving from legacy systems such as OpenText, NetDocuments or file shares benefit from tools and methodologies proven to accelerate their migration to the iManage cloud.

Reliable, redundant, available

iManage Cloud is supported by data centers across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America, enabling organizations to store information in the geographic location best-suited for governance and performance.

The iManage Cloud offers a continuous service delivery model. Each data center is designed to be fully redundant, and the entire data center network is engineered with no single point of failure. This provides customers with maximum performance and uptime and minimizes work disruptions during critical projects.

RBRO — Your iManage Cloud Migration Experts

RBRO’s Transport Lift and Shift Cloud Migration Solution

Your data where you want it, how you want it, when you want it. If you’re moving individual iManage libraries to the cloud, Transport Lift and Shift allows you to measure downtime in minutes rather than days. Simplify the process by eliminating multiple SFTP uploads and disk shipments, and migrate when you want with no scheduling delays.

Transport Lift and Shift ensures no loss of service, and uninterrupted productivity as you complete your cloud migration. Simplified management and automation of many of the migration tasks minimize ‘hands-on’ intervention, reducing costs and speeding your cloud transition.

Transport Lift and Shift Features:

  • Synchronize on-premise content to the cloud

  • Create/update users, groups, metadata and history ‘on the fly’

  • Transfer user settings, content shortcuts, and linked folders

  • Solution accessed through a simple, web-based interface

  • Monitor synchronization activities via a mobile device

  • Automatic roll-back of user acceptance testing (UAT) activities

RBRO’s Transport Auxiliary Cache (AC)

Complete Data Assurance As organizations migrate and increase their use of the iManage cloud, they often raise concerns regarding the need for auxiliary access to content in the event of an emergency.

Transport Auxiliary Cache(AC) enables a secure on-premise or cloud-based repository to host a continuously updated copy of information from iManage Cloud or iManage on-premise content. This provides read-only direct access to data to facilitate integrations or enable data access in the case of a service disruption or emergency. The auxiliary cache repository can also act as an independent backup for additional assurance.

How Transport AC Works

As new content is added to the iManage repository or content in iManage is changed, the updated documents are synchronized to the Auxiliary Cache repository and stored in an encrypted file with client-held encryption keys.


All relevant metadata associated with documents is synchronized to the Auxiliary Cache repository to facilitate reporting, context, and use by third-party solutions.


User and group security are synchronized to ensure correct access levels will be maintained in integration scenarios.

Transport AC Features


  • Monitor for changes on the iManage repository copy content, relevant metadata and security to the Auxiliary Cache repository


  • Notifies administrators of important events related to data coming from iManage


  • Ensures the Auxiliary Cache repository accurately represents content from the cloud

  • Facilitates validation requests from administrators for ranges of documents


  • Enables administrators to generate a variety of reports about the content of the Auxiliary Cache repository

Download RBRO Transport Auxiliary Cache Product Sheet

RBRO’s Import Management Solution

Quickly and easily migrate email and document content to iManage from any DMS or folder/file system

The initial migration of your data from your legacy system to iManage Work can be a time-consuming and difficult challenge. RBRO’s Import Managementis an innovative migration tool that allows organizations to quickly migrate email and document content from any document management system (DMS) or folder/file system. Import Management can import up to 140,000 documents and emails into iManage Work per hour, minimizing your downtime and transition risk.

Import Management - Documents automatically assigns metadata values to specific documents based on either the metadata associated with the document or via a text file or query. Migrated documents are filed into the appropriate workspaces based on their metadata, or new workspaces can be created using imported metadata, ensuring that documents are not lost in 'flat space' during import. As with metadata, document security can be inherited when filing documents in Work, or default security and individual access permissions may be applied via data definitions.

Import Management - Email migrates email content from PST files, Exchange public folders and user inboxes into Work while maintaining the same mail-based structure.

Import Management Features

  • Option to maintain the original folder structure in iManage Work (Documents & Email)

  • Import to existing workspaces or create new workspaces as required (Documents & Email)

  • Dynamically extract and map values during source collection (Documents & Email)

  • Dynamically make mass or point changes in a staging area prior to import (Documents & Email)

  • Extensive staging area viewing options for easy review and amendment (Documents & Email)

  • Validate metadata values for easy correction (Documents & Email)

  • View and modify security of items in the staging area (Documents & Email)

  • View and modify destination folders of items in the staging area (Documents & Email)

  • Exclude items in the collection from being imported (Documents & Email)

  • Import from Windows file systems including any existing DMS data (Documents)

  • Recreate existing DMS folder structures (Documents)

  • Import from Exchange mailboxes or PST files (Email)

  • Import one or multiple mailboxes in one import job (Email)

  • Import email, contacts, appointments and other mailbox items (Email)

  • Filter import based on exchange classes (Email)

Download RBRO Import Management Product Sheet

As a Premier iManage partner for over 15 years, RBRO is dedicated to helping organizations capture the highest value from their content and work processes through the power of iManage Work solutions.

Trusted globally by over 400,000 business users, RBRO has the skills, resources and track record to ensure your seamless transition to iManage Cloud.