Financial Services

Manage crucial financial information with ease with iManage document management solutions.

Financial Servicess

Manage crucial financial information with ease with iManage document management solutions.

The inaccuracies and costs associated with manually sorting and reviewing documents can be burdensome for any financial institution. Automated document management software designed for fund managers and financial services professionals reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction by streamlining burdensome manual processes. Using iManage AI and document management solutions you can facilitate client communications and leverage knowledge spread throughout the enterprise.

Contact RBRO to find out why iManage is the perfect document management solution for fund managers and commercial bankers to review LIBOR documents, manage sensitive data and solve complex problems using AI technology.

As a premiere iManage partner, RBRO brings the credibility of a seasoned organization that has consistently delivered excellence to all aspects of our partnership. RBRO is a Certified Global iManage Partner which encompasses RBRO as an iManage Reseller, Integration Partner, Technology Partner and Training Partner for iManage. This extensive partnership makes RBRO uniquely qualified to provide for all of our customers’ iManage-related needs. It also demonstrates to our customers that we have the ability to meet the challenges and opportunities that are before them—head on! Through our training and strategic services offerings, we help our clients to make great decisions and support them through the process of implementing the iManage solutions.

Enable client teams to work better – and smarter – together

With increased competitive pressure and client demands, commercial banks are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. iManage helps commercial banking professionals:

  • Manage complex client relationships
    The single unified client folder stores all emails, proposals contracts, and research.
  • Develop better proposals, faster
    Find and reuse best practice information with robust search.
  • Collaborate and communicate more easily
    Share key documents and financial models with clients and external parties, securely and conveniently.
  • Access what’s relevant
    Search across all project or client emails documents and associated work product so you always have access to the latest-and most accurate information.
  • Automate archiving
    Manage and retain all client related work product in accordance with proper policies – automatically.

RBRO Solutions is a Certified iManage Partner and reseller of iManage Work and its related iManage products. We are iManage experts; our team is comprised of Certified iManage System Engineers, Certified iManage Trainers and Certified iManage RAVN (AI) Engineers. We can guide you in the research, purchase, consulting, implementation, and ongoing support and training requirements for your iManage Work document management system—on-premises or in the cloud. And RBRO’s suite of proprietary add-on products will help extend the power of your iManage solution, to ensure you get the most out of your iManage investment.