Document Management

End user adoption and ROI

Users engage with applications that make sense to them and help them perform tasks. Organizations increase their return on investment when solutions combine an exceptional user experience with new efficiencies to drive value.

RBRO products like Link2DMS and Launch allow users to easily extend iManage Work interactions to almost any application or task. A product such as Create streamlines the authoring process by directly utilizing project and matter information from the DMS or other systems. Users also interact more effectively and accurately with information that is organized well to support their work process. Enhancements like EasyFolders provide an easy and intuitive way to provide the organization they need.

Get content to the right place, efficiently and accurately

One of the greatest barriers to initial adoption and ROI is the difficulty experienced when incorporating legacy content or content from active projects into iManage. User confidence is shaken when they are unable to quickly access their existing information in a new environment. If the information needed cannot be readily found and used, then time is lost, frustrations mount, and people begin to look for ways around the system. Products like ImportManagement and EasyImport facilitate the quick and accurate import of relevant content into iManage.

If the task is to archive content or move information between workspaces and libraries, then products like Transport offer valuable administrator or end-user alternatives. There might also be a need to export content from iManage to facilitate a client request or the departure of an associate. EasyExport or ExportManagement can significantly simplify such a process.

Whether it's just a few documents or millions of documents and folders, we can make sure your users get what they need, where they need it, fast!