Successfully migrating content to your on-prem or cloud-based DMS

An ILTA-sponsored product briefing webinar The work product management offering from iManage continues to transform the way people interact with content. As a result, an increasing number of organizations are adopting the solution for the first time while others are reinvigorating efforts to ensure that content long ignored, or 'strategically excluded', is being brought under […]

An RBRO webinar for corporate legal departments: A document management system? Is it worth it? The hows, whys and ROIs explained

Learn how the introduction of a document management system in your corporate legal department (CLD) can add value, control costs, reduce risks and assist with compliance. As corporate lawyers you are under constant pressure to limit the legal spend and control costs. Learn how centralized document management, collaboration and easy document sharing with your panel […]

Corporate Legal Departments – Reach for the DMS Cloud!

An ILTA-sponsored webinar.   While some corporate legal departments (CLDs) have been in the DMS space for some time now, RBRO’s experience is that for many, especially smaller CLDs, the price point in the past has been prohibitive. Given the availability of cloud technology, which not only makes the initiative less expensive, the cloud option […]

Webinar: Improve Your Compliance and Service with Video Signing and a Next Generation eSignature Solution

REGISTER NOW!   There's a rapid adoption of electronic signature solutions in legal and professional services, and law firms and corporate legal departments need to consider incorporating the technology into their business models. By doing so, they will be helping their practices achieve positive business outcomes: streamline processes, save time, money and resources, and provide […]