Why does this matter?

iManage, a leader in advanced Artificial Intelligence and powerful document and email management, recently announced end of life (EOL) for DeskSite, Filesite, and IDOL Indexer—a move that will end support for its core legacy products after December 2023. With the introduction of iManage Work 10, iManage will retire all 9.x versions of its classic clients and add-ons:

  • iManage DeskSite
  • iManage FileSite
  • iManage OffSite
  • Email management for Outlook and the Outlook Module
  • iManage Express Search
  • iManage Miner
  • iManage DealBinder Add-On

iManage’s decision (the full announcement is below) was motivated by upgrades to Work 10 and their technology partner’s integrations to support the Work 10 interface with the Universal API. A normal part of any technology product’s lifecycle, products eventually reach a natural end of life phase and for various reasons, such as newer and better technologies and changes in the market.

“This announcement indicates that organizations need to start planning upcoming desktop builds to include iManage Work 10 Desktop client,” said Howard Russell, President and CEO, RBRO Solutions. “End-user training will most likely be required, and to ensure compatibly with the Work 10 client, upgrades to any third-party integrations will be needed as well. There’s no better time than the present to start planning your move to iManage Cloud before the end of 2023 approaches.”

At RBRO Solutions, we are encouraging clients to consider their options now before it’s too late—December 2023 may seem like a long ways away but it’s best to prepare today before the date sneaks up and catches you unprepared. We can show how your organization can best prepare for the EOL products and how RRBO Solutions can support you.

For more information, contact info@nullrbrosolutions.com.

The full announcement (iManage.com)