Introducing CORA Legal Group and a BEC - RBRO Partnership


Introducing CORA Legal Group, a new legal technology group of companies that is positioned to revolutionize the industry. In addition to its formation, the group announces a strategic partnership between premier legal IT solutions providers, BEC Legal Systems and RBRO Solutions, with forthcoming acquisitions on the horizon.

These companies, and all future organizations joining the group, will continue to operate independently, as CORA Legal Group provides them with the assistance they require to elevate their business to new heights.

(CORA Legal Group is a legal IT software group of companies that is positioned to be a dominant force in the legal technology industry © CORA Legal Group)


Cincinnati, Ohio, USA/Toronto, Ontario, Canada – February 1st, 2024 – CORA Legal Group proudly announces the establishment of its legal technology group commencing with a groundbreaking strategic partnership between two industry-leaders, BEC Legal Systems and RBRO Solutions. This collaboration signifies a momentous step forward in CORA Legal Group’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the legal industry, setting the stage for future legal software company acquisitions and exponential growth.


With BEC Legal Systems and RBRO Solutions joining CORA Legal Group, the group becomes a powerhouse of expertise, innovation, and first-hand industry knowledge. Together, BEC Legal and RBRO offer a variety of advanced legal software solutions under the group’s umbrella; from document automation, calendaring and docketing, and matter and contact management solutions, to iManage and DMS efficiency tools, and much more. As a result, CORA Legal Group has the proven solutions that law firms and corporate legal departments require to streamline and expedite processes, ensure compliance, and boost productivity.


This strategic move enables both companies to combine strengths and resources with the support and backing of the group to offer an even more comprehensive suite of innovative legal technology solutions. It also aligns with CORA Legal Group’s vision of shaping the future of legal tech by uniting industry leaders to better serve the evolving needs of legal professionals.



Key Highlights of the Partnership:


Synergy of Expertise: The partnership brings together the unmatched expertise of BEC Legal and RBRO Solutions, offering clients an expanded range of knowledge and a deeper understanding of the legal technology landscape.


Innovative Solutions: Clients can expect new innovative solutions as the group’s support will foster the development of cutting-edge technologies designed to address the dynamic challenges faced by legal professionals.


Streamlined Support: This partnership allows for optimized customer support services, resources, technologies, and tools, ensuring clients receive prompt and effective assistance, further solidifying CORA Legal Group’s commitment to client satisfaction.



We are thrilled to announce this strategic partnership between BEC Legal and RBRO Solutions under the CORA Legal Group umbrella,” said Don Decker, Portfolio Manager at CORA Legal Group. “This collaboration reflects our dedication to offering unparalleled legal technology solutions and underscores our commitment to shaping the future of the legal industry. We look forward to providing BEC and RBRO with the support they require to further expand their enterprises, while simultaneously continuing to grow the CORA Legal portfolio through future acquisitions.


This partnership marks a significant milestone for CORA Legal Group, as it establishes the company as an influential group working with industry leaders at the forefront of legal technology innovations. With a decentralized mandate focused on acquiring outstanding legal software companies, supporting their upward trajectory, and allowing them to flourish while retaining their independence, CORA Legal Group is set to make a significant impact on the legal technology realm worldwide.



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About CORA Legal Group:


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CORA Legal Group is a leading provider of innovative legal technology solutions. The company is committed to shaping the future of the legal industry, with a focus on expertise, innovation, and client satisfaction. With a mission to acquire outstanding legal software companies, support their growth, allow them to flourish, and hold them forever, CORA Legal Group is positioned for ongoing success. CORA Legal Group and its portfolio of companies empower legal professionals with cutting-edge technologies to help them thrive in an ever-evolving legal landscape. From document automation, calendaring and docketing, matter and contact management to iManage and DMS efficiency tools, and much more, CORA Legal Group has the solution your law firm, financial institution, or corporate legal department requires to boost business efficiency and get the job done. CORA Legal Group is a division of Jonas Software, a leading software acquisition company focused on building industry-specific software companies and verticals worldwide.



About BEC Legal Systems:                                    


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BEC Legal Systems develops enterprise solutions that help law firms manage attorney schedules, organize and track matter and case information, and efficiently produce documents. Products in the BEC Legal suite include BEC Docket Enterprise for automated legal calendaring with sync to Outlook, MatterLink for matter management, and LegalBar for document automation in Word. The solutions are modular, can be customized for specific firm needs, and work together to improve practice group efficiency. Established in 1942 as Business Equipment Company, BEC Legal has successfully evolved for more than 80 years to meet the needs of professional service businesses. In 1987, having acquired expertise in the needs of law firms, and responding to their growing need for computer services, the company changed its name to BEC Legal Systems. Since then, BEC Legal has been developing automation solutions exclusively for law firms and legal departments, along with providing clients with customized implementation services and ongoing support.



About RBRO Solutions:


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A premiere iManage Partner since 2003 and trusted globally by over 400,000 business users, RBRO Solutions is dedicated to helping organizations get the greatest value from their business content and work processes by extending the power of their iManage Work solution. With over 700 iManage engagements, RBRO applies best practices and know-how to simplify iManage implementations, upgrades, and migrations. RBRO transforms how organizations get work done with adoptable and scalable improvements in business efficiency and agility that integrate seamlessly across corporate systems, adding value to the iManage Work solution and enabling you to decrease your overall cost of ownership by simplifying tasks and empowering users.




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