Process Management

Automate standards, provide empowering flexibility

  • office life
  • Most employees want to deliver value to their organization and customers. They want to play by the rules and uphold the governance and project management needs of their teams. However, they also need the flexibility to work in a way that is most effective for them. Businesses can facilitate automated creation and delivery of workspaces based on information from a broad array of internal data systems. WorkspaceManagement and ShortcutsManagement employ powerful yet simple interfaces that enable design teams to implement these core business needs in support of multiple work styles. Individuals managing projects and matters also require the ability to quickly and easily alter the security and structure of workspaces as required. This can be intuitively achieved on an adhoc basis through EasyFolders and Authorize.

Know what's happening and control what can happen

Companies are constantly weighing the balance between the need of end users to access, create and remove relevant content against the need to ensure effective governance. We believe it's possible to achieve both of these goals while empowering people and processes.

RBRO enables users, administrators, or automated processes to easily and effectively delete or restore content using SafeDelete. Using Authorize, client or project managers can be empowered to control access to critical content on a granular or enterprise level. Authorize also provides a framework for powerful, time-saving security automation based on information from other line-of-business systems.