TORONTO, ON, Wednesday, May 16, 2017 – RBRO Solutions Inc., a leading global business solutions provider dedicated to helping organizations get the greatest value from their business content and work processes, today announced the launch of their new Global Channel Partner Program.

The RBRO Solutions Global Channel Partner Program offers a premier partner experience. Channel partners own the customer experience while receiving unparalleled support from RBRO, including guaranteed response times and service level agreements.

Partners will gain access to RBRO’s deep knowledge base and will be provided with the assistance necessary to ensure success.

“Our valued partners play a vital role in RBRO’s growth and success, and a strong channel partner program will further empower our partners to effectively and confidently ensure that clients get what they need, when they need it,” said Lyse Penny, Director, Client & Partner Engagement, RBRO Solutions.

RBRO operates as a global company with employee presence in Canada, the UK and Australia, and drives a direct-fulfillment model in the United States, Canada and the UK. Other regions such as Asia and South America will be primarily serviced through a channel partner model, complemented by dedicated, ‘on-the-ground’ support.

“We value face-to-face interactions with our clients and our regional teams and partners provide us with the ability to provide this very important localized service,” concluded Lyse.
RBRO’s global-based approach to client support and document management implementations affords RBRO with the ability to offer a combination of after-hours software deployment services, and 24×7 software support leveraging their global teams. This capability has ensured a best-in-class customer satisfaction rating.

“The growth of our channel partner eco-system will only strengthen our ability to deepen customer relationships and provide leading business solutions to a broader market,” said Howard Russell, President and CEO, RBRO Solutions. “We’re excited about this new program and look forward to unlocking the potential that is out there.”

“ServTouch is very pleased with RBRO Solutions’ strategy to move to an expanded channel model in Asia Pacific. RBRO Solutions’ products have significantly helped ServTouch’s clients to realize the full potential of their software environments. We look forward to growing with RBRO in Asia Pacific. What’s important to us is that we continue to enhance our customers’ experience with RBRO, and provide a seamless onsite and remote support for best-in-class user support and experience,” said Wee Chin Hee, Vice President for Enterprise Solutions, ServTouch-Wywy Singapore.

As a committed RBRO Channel Partner we look forward to a long and mutually rewarding partnership to serve our customers in the Asia Pacific region.”

About RBRO Solutions

RBRO Solutions, a leading business solutions provider, is dedicated to helping organizations get the greatest value from their business content and work processes. The company is trusted globally by over 400,000 business users and has worked with over 500 medium, large and Fortune 500 companies. RBRO offers visionary leadership to its clients with respect to changing landscapes that impact their business.

Over 30 propriety RBRO business solutions seamlessly support mission-critical business systems for top legal and corporate brands worldwide. The company was established in 2003 at the forefront of the enterprise content management, big data and document management era. RBRO continues to be a leader in its approach.