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RBRO Solutions launches Export product for iManage—a cutting-edge solution for streamlining and simplifying document and matter transfers during legal staff transitions.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada – May 31st, 2024 – RBRO Solutions, a leader in delivering advanced legal technology solutions, is proud to announce the release of its latest product, Export, for iManage. Delivered on RBRO’s modern and robust Nucleus platform, this groundbreaking solution transforms how law firms, corporate legal departments, and financial institutions handle the complex process surrounding document and workspace transfers from within the iManage Work platform during legal staff transitions. Export streamlines and expedites export processes, making transferring information from the iManage document management system to any Windows location simple, customizable, and stress-free.


With attorneys commonly transitioning between legal operations, it is often the case that they take their matters with them. This practice places tremendous demands on support teams, who must manage the intricate task of simultaneously exporting multiple workspaces. With traditional methods, this challenge escalates based on the sheer volume of data transferred. As a result, support staff must prioritize export tasks over other critical projects, leading to a redirection of resources, operational bottlenecks, and inevitable resource strain.


Export assists legal operations in overcoming these challenges by automating the entire process of exporting documents and workspace folder structures from iManage Work. The solution allows support teams to configure the specifics for an export task and place the content on a designated network path, drastically reducing operational time and effort, as well the impact on the allocation of IT resources. Key features of Export include:


  • Admin Export Module: Allows support staff to export via the RBRO Nucleus platform without needing to provide workspace access.
  • Quick Export Module: Enables users to search and export iManage workspaces efficiently and effectively.
  • Customizable Export Options: Provides users with the capacity to include or exclude specific folders and tailor the names of workspaces and documents in the export task. Choose to export the latest version of a document or all versions of that document.
  • Efficient Task Management: Set up specific parameters for export tasks, monitor current and past tasks, and generate detailed reports.
  • Accuracy and Updates: Keep documents current by only re-exporting the updated content.
  • Certified iManage Universal App


“We’re thrilled to release Export for iManage,” says Che Baird, Director of Sales and Marketing at RBRO Solutions. “Export revolutionizes the matter transfer process for businesses during legal staff transitions by enabling the simultaneous exporting of large volumes of documents and workspaces, significantly minimizing operational disruption. We look forward to speaking with businesses interested in Export and demonstrating the robustness of the product and its user-friendly processes.”


Export empowers support teams to perform exports without needing to provide them with additional permissions, which ensures security and enhances efficiency. The solution also offers comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities, as users can generate detailed and accurate datasheets with customizable profile information, providing an accurate record of all exported content.


By automating and simplifying export tasks, RBRO Solutions’ Export product for iManage helps law firms, corporate legal departments, and financial institutions maintain productivity and focus on their core activities without derailing IT resources or compromising data accuracy or security. With Export and RBRO’s over two decades of experience in the legal IT landscape, businesses seeking to improve export capabilities from iManage to a Windows location and transform their legal operation can rest assured that they are partnering with an industry leader with innovative solutions they can trust.



Are you interested in learning more about the power of Export? If so, then download our Export brochure and contact us today!



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