The latest addition to the Nucleus lineup, Assistant is built for everyday admins providing the ability to search for content and perform and track targeted or mass operations.

Today we announce the latest addition to our line-up of powerful solutions built on the Nucleus platform and designed to enhance the iManage Work10 ecosystem. Assistant provides effective delegation of key capabilities to IT support teams of varying responsibilities. The solution includes the ability to quickly locate relevant content and execute targeted operations against individual items, client/matter groups, or entire libraries across geographic boundaries based on provided search criteria.

“At RBRO Solutions, we are continually looking for ways to elevate the user experience and are excited to launch Assistant,” said Howard Russell, CEO at RBRO Solutions. “With so many organizations now making the shift to the cloud and remote or hybrid work environments, there is a critical need for an effective API-based approach to performing mass operations in the iManage Work10 environment.”

Designed to empower users in iManage’s cloud-based knowledge management system, Assistant helps users go beyond the basics of productivity and helps them discover contextually relevant content faster. User benefits include increased efficiency, enhanced stability, and easier troubleshooting and review. 

“It is important that our chosen solution enable our IT professionals to perform within their areas of responsibility, accessing functionality reserved for different roles,” said Simon Dandy, Director of Legal Technology Solutions at Baker McKenzie. “Assistant delivers on our requirements via an experience that enables our team to nimbly handle the constant requests and changes that arise in our diverse environment.”

“Our overall technology roadmap for the next 12 to 18 months is focused on furthering our mission to unleash more value for our clients through innovative solutions for everyday activities, we are committed to improving the user experience at every step of the way,” said Matthew Likuski, Director of Software at RBRO Solutions. “Assistant helps to achieve that by bringing together flexible and powerful capabilities to perform operations on content that was otherwise not possible or too labor intensive for administrative staff to accomplish.”

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