Once upon a time, work around deal closings was performed manually and cluttered by a mess of numerous email exchanges and printed paper. Closing deals was considered an expensive, time-consuming process that could seem chaotic.

Law firms needed an uncomplicated way to streamline and automate workflows, reduce errors associated with manual processes around versioning, make changes to documents, share status updates, collect signatures, and generate closing books.

With iManage Closing Folders, law firms can automate the repetitive, often monotonous tasks when closing deals—creating checklists, managing versions to capture signatures, and creating final closing books. Closing Folders basically improves deal accuracy to make more time available to lawyers, so they can create more value for their clients.

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Simplify the closeout process of a transaction.

Through intelligent automation and collaboration tools, Closing Folders is designed to help legal professionals run deals with unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and control with:

  • Automated closing checklist.
  • Simplified signature management.
  • Branded closing books.
  • A single and secure platform.

Using iManage Closing Folders improves deal-closing efficiency and accuracy, helping to ensure client satisfaction, and the list of benefits is very attractive:

  • Make deals more profitable.
  • Achieve higher returns from highly-skilled staff.
  • Improve revenue flow.
  • Protect against fraud.
  • Enhance brand awareness.
  • Improve competitive position.
  • Collaborate seamlessly.
  • Enhance the client experience.

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Integration with iManage Work.

Closing Folders’ native integration with iManage Work creates a single source of truth for transaction documents from creation through closing. It also provides support for a full spectrum of digital signatures, further simplifying workflows by helping to complete the closing process within the context of the deal’s ecosystem of documents.

Check out a video to see how iManage Closing Folders simplifies the legal transaction process to reduce risk and improve client service.

Some of the features:

  • Access a deal and create a checklist.
  • Add new documents to a checklist.
  • Extract signature pages from new documents.
  • Account for variables.
  • Create signature packets.
  • Generate new signature pages.
  • Create closing books.
  • Easily save to iManage Work.

Remove manual, repetitive tasks from your deal closings and simplify the legal transaction process with iManage Closing Folders.

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