Howard Russell, President and CEO
May 12, 2017

I have been so buried in RBRO’s innovation activities that I haven’t provided an update blog on RBRO for a while. And when I say innovation… I mean, we have some real game-changing innovations in the works!

Our second quarter just finished and needless to say we are having stellar success across the globe with sales almost double vs last year, and a number of strategic initiatives have been launched, including our new Channel Partner Program.

Perhaps the most exciting news is the upcoming iManage ConnectLive event, occurring in May and June, at which RBRO will provide key presentations in both Chicago and London. Our partnership with iManage has never been stronger and the power of our joint solutions for document management continues to outshine competitive solutions. iManage 10 is opening up more alternatives for legal firms and I am excited to report our new web-based suite is coming along nicely and will be showcased at both ConnectLive events. We’re looking forward to making a roadmap for our product offerings available to our clients in June.

I also wanted to take the time to address some of our international strategies, given some unclear perspectives in the market place.

RBRO operates and will continue to operate as a global company with employee presence in Canada, the UK and Australia. We continue to drive a direct fulfillment model in the United States, Canada and the UK. Other regions, such as Asia and South America, are primarily serviced through a channel partner model.

There have recently been some concerns raised in the UK about RBRO’s commitment to having ‘boots on the ground’. I’d like to take this time to address these concerns. In the past six months, RBRO UK has seen the highest level of investments in our team and our marketing since inception. We do not see this changing. The UK market is an essential focus for RBRO, and we are committed to growing our market share.

Recently we have had some voluntary resignations of individual contributors who decided to pursue other career avenues. However, our ability to deliver high-quality services in the UK remains high. We believe this change provides an opportunity to further enhance our approach in this market. On the topic of our UK iManage partnership, in June, I am very excited to participate with iManage EMEA’s leader Geoff Hornsby in one of only three Gold sponsored sessions. We’ll talk about how you can get more value from your iManage investment and listen to your thoughts on what’s important for the future. Stay tuned, because you will soon see more growth activity in the UK.

RBRO is proud of our global-based approach to client support and document management implementations. We value face-to-face interactions with our clients and our regional teams provide us with the ability to provide this very important localized service. At the same time, because of our distributed nature, RBRO is able to offer a combination of after-hours software deployment services, and 24×7 software support leveraging our global teams. This capability has ensured a best-in-class customer satisfaction rating. It has also allowed RBRO to deliver nonintrusive software deployments to clients during overtime and after-hours timeframes which, in turn, expedite clients’ migrations and implementations and reduce time to production.

I hope this update is helpful to any who are curious or concerned! Hoping to see many of you at ConnectLive 2017!