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You need to know what's really going on in your DMS. Now you can. With Sentry:

  • Real-time monitoring of iManage Work activities
  • Actionable alerts enable immediate response to incidents
  • Easy-to-use, powerful user interface

Don't take unnecessary risks. Practice safe Sentry.

The evolved Link2DMS 5.0
The evolved Link2DMS 5.0
  • Integrates applications to iManage Work (formerly HP WorkSite)

  • Streamlines the e-filing process in just a few clicks

  • Maintains links across applications 

  • Increases compliance, reduces risk

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iManage System Engineer
iManage System Engineer

Toronto: July 11 to 15th, 2016

Under the guidance of expert iManage trainers this 5-day hands-on course prepares participants to successfully design, install, configure and manage iManage Work (formerly HP WorkSite). On day 5 attendees will take the iManage certification examination.

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RBRO Tools Training
RBRO Tools Training

Get the most out of your iManage Work (formerly Worksite) and RBRO Tools

RBRO Solutions has always considered part of its mission to share its process expertise, knowledge of best practices and industry experience through quality training.

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iManage Work Public Courses
iManage Work Public Courses

Instructor Lead Online Training

With courses ranging from Basics to Expert level, these iManage Work (formerly HP WorkSite) public courses provide participants with the skills required to get the most from their iManage Work document management system.

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RBRO Solutions

Make the most of your organization’s content with practical document management and process improvement solutions

RBRO Solutions is a full-service provider of content management solutions that help organizations gain the greatest value from their content. With a full suite of software products, consulting, training and support services, RBRO has assisted organizations throughout the world leverage their content, resulting in more efficient work processes and improved productivity.

Our content management products include:

  • iManage Work integration tools
  • Business process automation
  • Real-time DMS monitoring
  • Case management software solutions
  • Legal information management tools
  • Document integration solutions
  • Document management software

Our services include:

  • Consulting
  • Software Development
  • Support
  • Training
  • Case Management
  • Document Management
  • Process and Workflow
  • Project Management

Contact RBRO Solutions to see how we can assist your organization either through our specialized products or our training, consulting and support services.