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Clients worldwide look to RBRO as a key learning organization for best practices in document management and content management. We understand that successful business user adoption starts with delivering efficiencies in their job tasks and helping them with hands-on learning.

We also provide technical, administrator and train-the-trainer programs for document management solutions, and offer a host of products which help the IT department deliver high-quality outcomes.

Best Practice

How to Assess Current Document Management Methods

A strategist plays a key role in driving your strategy throughout an engagement
and gathers, defines and clarifies the insights that drive your solutions and help make a difference to your business by using their industry knowledge of best practices.

A document management strategist will work with you to review your current day-to-day processes and map them to an easy-to-use and effective design using best practices.

Our strategists have many years of experience and understand how each employee has difference usage requirements. They will assess all your user roles and functions and work with you to design the most effective, customized plan to ensure quick and high user adoption.


Best Practice Course Design

Understanding your office workflow helps employees create and study processes that they work in. Coordinating all of the workflow requirements requires a variety of steps, tasks and skills. Although a lot of coordination takes place during the design phase, coordination is also very important during all phases of the training process. This workshop will help you with your pre-training planning and help you build checklists to be taken into account early on in the process.


End User (Instructor-led) Training

iManage Work – Basics: This course introduces end users to the FileSite client interface and gives hands-on experience with the document management and email filing capabilities of the iManage Work system.

iManage Work – Advanced: Add to your knowledge of the Work client interface, document management, search features and email filing capabilities.

iManage Work – Refresher – It is a known fact that skills fade with time. There are various reasons for this but most often it is because not all information was retained during initial training, lack of regular usage of skills or onboarding done by different people. Whatever the reason may be, the need for refresher training has to be identified and addressed, to ensure that the skills are updated and remain current.

iManage Work – Train the Trainer – Learn all aspects of Work client functionality including document management, email management, OffSite and WorkSite Web, and immediately apply new skills and develop training programs for your organization. We have over 40 years of combined experience designing, developing and delivering adult learning programs. Let us help you build the program that best suits the needs of your end users.

Customized Training – Available upon request.


System Administrator Training

iManage Certified System Engineer – Let our certified engineers work with you because they know what is needed to ensure your system is installed and configured correctly. Learn by senior technical engineers in a hands-on environment which will prepare you successfully to design, install, configure and manage the Work Server, Work Windows Clients and Work Web products. Emphasis is given to installation requirements, DMS and Indexer Server configuration and services, Server Tools, advanced SQL maintenance, and client installation and troubleshooting. This five-day course gives participants an opportunity to use Work software under the guidance of expert certified trainers and prepares them to take the iManage Certified System Engineer exam.

RBRO Tools – We offer a variety of administrative courses that help you learn how to install, configure and manage our tools. We’ve built the tools and have an in-depth knowledge of their functionality. Let us help you ensure your tools bring the most efficiency possible to your organization.


Delivery Methods

There are different types of learners. With decades of experience working with adult learners, we understand this. There are the visual learners that learn best by seeing a demonstration or having the information explained through job aids or quick reference guides. There are kinesthetic learners who learn best by carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. The auditory learner depends on hearing the information and talking about it as their main way of learning. Along with learning styles there are also personal preferences in the type of environment in which you learn best. Some prefer to learn on their own through online learning. Others like having an instructor walk them through the process and appreciate the one-on-one attention. Others like to learn from their peers and prefer to attend classroom, hands-on training. Regardless of your preference, we know one shoe does not fit all and have a variety of delivery methods for training and transferring knowledge.


Before you begin a technology project, let us help you. We have consulted with many firms before and after a project and have a deep understanding of requirements in the legal space. Let us help guide you towards maximum efficiency. Sometimes a question-and-answer session is the best way to learn.


A demonstration is a teaching method typically used with both large and small groups. The presenter disseminates the information through a combination of slides and by demonstrating processes and scenarios using a particular product.


Self-studying, which involves studying without direct supervision or attendance in a classroom, can be a valuable way to learn. This can be done by reading product technical manuals, reviewing quick reference materials or online learning.

Instructor Led

Face-to-face interactions with the instructor and real-time discussions are powerful ways to learn. Having an expert answer questions instantly and validate learners’ understanding of the subject are key aspects of instructor-led learning.
Group interactions enhance learning, with employees learning from one another, as well as from the instructor. Over 90 per cent of the clients we surveyed identified instructor-led training as their preferred method of instruction.

Classroom Instructor Led
Attend our courses at our location in our certified education centre or let us come to you and train in your environment.

One-on-One Instructor Led
Having a professional instructor sit with you at your desk and walk you through your work processes can be a very effective way of learning as it is unique to your needs.

Remotely-assisted Instructor Led
Attend our courses from anywhere and gain the knowledge you need for our products or Best Practices. You will find our sessions very interactive and taught by a highly qualified instructor. These training programs provide the opportunity for learners to make mistakes in a controlled remote training environment.

RBRO Tools Training Programs

WorkSite System Manager – Gain a greater degree of control over your entire iManage Work system with RBRO’s WorkSite System Manager (WSM). This framework provides a flexible and expandable foundation to manage modular, snap-in functionality. Learn to configure and manage this powerful tool.


RBRO Migration, Consolidation and Archiving Tools

Transport – Learn to configure tasks to consolidate WorkSite libraries and archive workspaces, folders and documents using the Transport snap-in. This hands-on workshop guides you through the process of migrating WorkSite items from one library to another for consolidation or archiving purposes.

ImportManagement – The process of migrating from a file system to WorkSite can be a daunting one. Get a firm grip on the nuances of mass document imports using the ImportManagement snap-in with this full-day, hands-on training course.


RBRO Provisioning Tools

WorkspaceManagement w. MetadataManagement – Learn to create workspace and security templates based on an organization-approved plan and use them to create workspaces within WorkSite. This course also includes the use of MetadataManagement to create metadata on WorkSite libraries.

FileManager – The FileManager snap-in and web client are used to build databases to store metadata information to be added to WorkSite. In this course you will learn how to create and configure FileManager databases and how to use them as the source for the generation of workspaces.

ReFiler – Learn how to use this snap-in to move misfiled documents and reassign correct metadata in a controlled and automated process.

ShortcutsManagement – This snap-in tool provides administrators with the tools to develop organization-approved shortcut templates which can then be delivered to or picked up by the end users. Learn how to create shortcut templates and implement them in a WorkSite environment.

EasyFolders – The EasyFolders snap-in and client provides administrative control over how system users create workspace and folder structures. This course covers the creation and implementation of templates in a WorkSite environment.


RBRO Support and Control Tools

HelpdeskAssistant – Get hands-on experience with HelpdeskAssistant, the snap-in solution designed to give helpdesk staff the ability to perform advanced WorkSite administrative functions without the need to have full administrative access to the WorkSite server.

SafeDelete – Safely remove documents from WorkSite into a virtual recycle bin, reducing the risk associated with deleting a document in error. This administrator course covers configuring SafeDelete for use by WorkSite end users, as well as administrator functions.

Authorize – Learn to create and implement ethical walls with the Authorize WSM snap-in. This course covers the principles of ethical wall security and all aspects of the setup and maintenance of walls and client functionality.


RBRO Enablement Tool

Link2DMS – Allows users to save and open files directly from WorkSite using applications that are not directly integrated with WorkSite. This tool also allows users to upload and download files from Internet Explorer directly to and from WorkSite. This administrator course covers the installation, configuration and implementation of Link2DMS in WorkSite environments.

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