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Create allows you to streamline document and template automation, saving time and increasing accuracy.

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A web service that provides structured 'requests' to other systems, making it possible to connect seamlessly. Integrates and enables easier automation and user workflows via K2 or other solutions.

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Link2DMS – Intercept

Link2DMS is a powerful and easy-to-use software tool that enables you to save and open documents created with non-native integrated applications directly within iManage Work... simply and seamlessly.

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Faster context-based access to key tasks. Launch any process based on the selected iManage Work content.

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Sure Save

Be sure user modifications to iManage Work documents are always saved back to the DMS. SureSave ‘checks in’ document changes directly to iManage Work using any save method.

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Safe Delete

A virtual recycle bin that enables users to easily retrieve deleted documents without the assistance of an administrator. Includes automated tasks to take the labor out of monitoring and cleaning up the system.

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Link2DMS – Conduit

This component of Link2DMS provides direct integration into iManage Work and robust linking within MS Excel documents to documents in iManage Work through standard Windows interfaces, making managing content links even easier.

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Easy ID

Provides the ability to add or remove customized document identification information in Microsoft Word, right from the ribbon.

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LotusNotes to Work

LotusNotes to Work is a conversion utility that allows administrators to open or convert LotusNotes DXL files to MS Outlook MSGs.

Support & Control

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Authorize – Ethical Walls

Quickly create access and denial lists of users for selected clients or matters, or any iManage Work metadata. When a new document is saved into iManage Work, Ethical Wall security is instantly applied, ensuring compliance to client and regulatory restrictions.

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Authorize – Team Management

Create teams of users and match them to specific custom field values. Apply teams to iManage Work items automatically through tasks or ‘on the fly’. Also designate managers to manage team membership and member rights.

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Access Management

Designed for IT administrators to replace the iManage Work Database Administration tool for managing users, groups and roles. Easily create and modify users, groups and roles across multiple libraries simultaneously.

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Helpdesk Assistant

Empower helpdesk staff to easily assist iManage Work users with common issues such as granular updates to metadata or security; remotely check-in documents and 'advanced search' for documents using all iManage fields and document history.

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File Manager

Enables organizations to specify information related to specific files and store it to a database. Generate workspaces and provide other functions through the use of additional RBRO products such as Workspace Management.

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Sentry is a real-time, web-based, monitoring solution for iManage Work environments, enabling administrator’s unprecedented access to information in real time from a very simple but powerful user interface.


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Transport – Administrative

Easily transfer content between iManage Work libraries while maintaining metadata integrity and shortcuts. Automate Archive tasks to move content based on a pre-set retention schedule.

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Transport – Quick Copy

Easily move or copy documents and/or folder structures to the same or different iManage Work libraries. Supports legal hold and archiving/retention initiatives.

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Import Management – Email

Migrate email content from PST files, Exchange public folders, and user inboxes into iManage Work, while maintaining the same mail-based structure.

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Import Management – Documents

An essential migration tool, performs mass imports of external documents into iManage Work. Import from any DMS or file system quickly. Add or maintain metadata and security on imported documents.

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NRL Intercept

Intercepts NRL links for documents and determines the new location if it has been moved to a different library through migration or consolidation.

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Easy Tag

Simplifies preparation for document migration. Tag folders to reorganize or facilitate import into iManage Work. Stores metadata for easy retrieval. Integrates with Import Management - Documents.

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Easy Import

Import documents and entire folders from a file system to iManage Work with just a few clicks, while ensuring required metadata is applied.

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Export Management

Automates the process of exporting documents and entire workspace folder structures to a file system. Exports important document metadata to a file for added ease in the import process or for later reference.

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Easy Export

Easy Export saves documents and entire folder structures from iManage Work to a file system and can create a linked content list for all exported files and folders.


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Workspace Management

The first step to managing all content in iManage Work combines powerful and easy workspace template design functionality with efficient, task-based control. Automatically generate workspaces from almost any data source and easily allow changes to templates, to update existing and future workspaces.

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Metadata Management

Customize and change the metadata across your entire iManage Work system. Provides the ability to view, edit, and add iManage Work custom values, document classes and document types across all connected libraries simultaneously.

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Shortcuts Management

Provides the ability to select from a list of ‘approved’ structures for organizing shortcuts. Automatically categorize all or selected users' or departments' iManage Work shortcuts, to organize and simplify access. Backup and restore shortcuts, and automatically deliver shortcuts based on iManage Work metadata.

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Easy Folders

Empowers users to create folders within workspaces, while maintaining standardization through an ‘approved’ list of folders and structures. Create standardized templated folder structures and apply template folders to workspaces.

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Enables your firm to refile documents to the correct locations based on iManage Work metadata and templates. Moves orphan documents sitting in the flat space into the appropriate workspace folder matching selected metadata values.

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